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Founded in 2007, Pure is a West Coast-based, tech-enabled wealth advisory platform with expertise in financial planning, investment planning and client education.

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Why Pure?

Pure Financial Advisors, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor providing comprehensive retirement planning services and tax-optimized investment management.

We Specialize in Cultivating Highly Successful Advisors

Pure has a diverse employee base of credentialed and tenured professionals, led by a motivated executive team focused on continued growth and expansion. With over 120 professional designations across 20 areas of expertise (as of August 2022), our team is both sophisticated and well-equipped to handle the complexities of its dynamic client base.

Pure’s financial planners generally are required to be CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals (CFP®), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), or to have at least five years of financial planning experience. Within one year of hire, we require that financial planners attain the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) credential to show a commitment to the fiduciary standard.

A “Pure” Growth Story

Year after year, Pure Financial Advisors continues to demonstrate strong and consistent assets under management (AUM) and revenue growth. Pure follows a process of educating the client, evaluating client goals and resources, and then developing appropriate strategies to meet client goals. Even during volatile times, Pure saw growth and you can too!

$ 6.29 B

Client AUM

As of March 2024.

$ 8-59 m

of net new assets under management in a year

Disclosure: Based on the average net new assets under management for new advisors between 2012-2021. Average does not include Pure’s associate advisors.



As of March 2024.

96.11 %

Client retention rate

Disclosure: Client retention is measured as the average rate of lost clients to active households over the 2012-2021 time period.

Leverage Our Resources


We have a robust marketing strategy with a substantial number of different campaigns each year. Our various campaigns throughout the year generate thousands of leads to advisors and create additional value-adds for current clients. With our in-house studio, we are able to produce a highly rated radio, cable television, and podcast show in multiple top markets, which bring in new leads. Through email marketing, we are able to engage with leads and clients through our weekly and monthly newsletters, engagement emails, and downloadables. Marketing works alongside business development for lead nurturing and has dozens of classes, webinars, and workshops in multiple office location to bring in thousands of annual leads. In addition, marketing works closely with our in-house Media team to create highly viewed social media videos and posts.

Business Development

Our Business Development department has a dedicated team of hardworking professionals that follow up with all interested leads and set hundreds of appointments weekly for our advisors. Our advisors don’t need to cold call, go to networking meetings, or solicit to friends and family members because our team manages referral relationships and advances leads down the pipeline. They get appointments on our advisor’s books so they can focus on financial planning and creating meaningful connections that grow from lead to client.

Planning Department

At Pure, we have a dedicated staff with different designations (CFP®, CPA, JD, AIF®, etc.) to help design and create financial plans for our advisors. They analyze clients’ information and create extensive reports for advisor meetings. Our advisors do not have to do any data entry, research, or any of the heavy lifting that comes with the planning process. Our Planning Department supports advisors as soon as the first appointment is set and continues to provide aid throughout the entire planning process. Again, freeing up valuable time for our advisors.


We have a dedicated team to help facilitate and monitor the processing of new accounts and transfers. Our Client Services team helps process all paperwork, handles client requests, and specializes in several different functions to make the client’s relationship with Pure seamless.

Investment Management

Our advisors do not place trades, research, or pick stocks; all of this is done for them by our dedicated team of Certified Financial Analysts® who handle all of the portfolio construction and management. Our Investment Management team designs and manages all tax-efficient portfolios providing daily performance reporting for the client. They monitor portfolios daily for rebalancing, asset location, and tax loss harvesting.


Our full in-house compliance department ensures all business activities are carried out within the regulatory framework and stays up-to-date on increased regulations within the industry.

Data Applications and Technology

Our Information Technology (IT) team ensures everyone at Pure is equipped with up-to-date technology keeping us on the cutting edge of technology to help streamline the advisors’ business and maintain work efficiency. They integrate various financial planning, CRM, and marketing software for improved work efficiency. In addition, they are gathering and analyzing data to provide robust reports. Our IT team provides technical support and ongoing improvements as technology advances.

Human Resources

 Our Human Resources department provides education, support, and ongoing training. HR’s role is instrumental in enhancing Pure’s positive workplace culture and values as we expand and continue to grow. At Pure, we offer healthcare and insurance plans with supplemental insurance options, paid holiday and vacation time, flexible spending accounts, long-term disability coverage, a 4% match of your 401(k), vision care discounts and savings, and professional development.

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Top-notch internal infrastructure, customized integrations and processes positioning the Company for significant scale and growth

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Opens Business

Pure Financial Advisors opens doors for business.


1,000+ Clients

Pure Financial is helping 1,000 clients plan for their future.


Partnership with Lee Equity Partners

Pure Financial establishes partnership with Lee Equity Partners.


3,400+ Clients

Pure Financial is helping 3,400 clients plan for their future.


$4 Billion in Assets

Pure Financial celebrates $4 billion in assets under management.

Where We’re Going

Demonstrated capabilities in attracting clients due to best-in-class marketing. Pure’s proactive organic business development process with proven success that is both repeatable and scalable.

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Awards & Accolades

Pure’s dedication to superior client service and overall excellence has achieved both national and local recognition by acclaimed journals and websites.

Top 25 Fee-Only Firms in the West


Top 100 RIAs to Watch


Best-In-State Wealth Advisor

2019-2020 & 2022-2023

Top RIA in the Nation

2016-2018 & 2020-2023

Top 100 ETF Power


Best Places to Work in San Diego

2016 & 2019-2020 & 2023

Best Places to Work


Best Workplaces


Top 12 Financial Advisors in San Diego


Nation’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies


Financial Times Top 300 RIAs in U.S.


Top 10 Fastest-Growing RIA Firms in the US


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Explore Our Service Offerings

Pure’s mission is to help clients of all financial profiles achieve maximum net after-tax purchasing power relative to their own unique and changing lifetime financial goals. Pure’s service offering is both comprehensive and holistic in nature from a financial and investment planning perspective.

1 Financial Planning

Pure believes proper planning helps clients focus on factors in their control, increasing their probability of success.

  • Retirement planning around income generation and choosing the right payout strategy
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Tax planning, tax-loss harvesting and Roth conversion strategies
  • Risk management consulting
  • Philanthropy and estate planning

2 Investment Planning

At Pure, our investment advisors base their long-term prudent strategy on the power of capital markets and time-tested industry research. Our asset management services utilize data backed by the science of capital markets. Our research help guides the way to your financial well-being.

  • Investment portfolio asset allocation with a research-driven approach
  • Portfolio construction with minimized fees and taxes and a global perspective
  • Institutional access to the nation’s largest managers
  • Portfolio rebalancing and tax management services

3 Education

Pure Financial puts education at the core of everything we do. We strive to be a financial resource that people can turn to when they need a helping hand.

  • Array of financial resources including assessments, live events, videos, blogs, white papers and webinars
  • In-person & online classes offered in multiple geographic locations assisting with a number of retirement issues including life, investment and estate planning, retirement needs and obstacles, etc.

4 Media Outlets

Pure’s multichannel approach includes both a content marketing and event marketing aspect to drive lead generation and nurturing.

  • Podcasts on relevant topics and issues
  • Television episodes and short video clips with pertinent advice
  • Diverse perspectives from featured guests
  • Periodic newsletters
  • Pure Financial mobile application

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